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Design Architecture

Assistance on planning and coming up with an architecture for your electronics systems

Project Management

Task, milestone, and timeline creation and management


Schematic creation and development using Circuit Studio

Circuit Board Layout

Optomized PCB layout with best practices for interfaces and manufacturing

Embedded Software

Embedded software from simple to advanced systems for various manufacturers: Microchip, STM, SiLabs, Cypress, NXP, TI


CAD design using Fusion 360

Server Support and other software

Development of server interfaces for your embedded cloud projects and support for embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi

Prototype Builds

Small reflow oven and 3D printer on site to increse prototype build and debugging times


Design Software

Altium | Circuit Studio | Eagle | Autodesk Fusion | Solidworks


Embedded Systems | WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Cellular | Capacitve Touch | Battery Systems | Displays | Vision Systems | Motor Control | Data Acqusition


Automotive | Medical | Marine | Agriculture | Consumer


    Arduino/Raspberry Pi | ESP32/8266 | TI MSP430 | PIC10/12/16 | ATTiny/Mega | SAMD10/21 | Freescale/NXP Kinetis | STM 32F4/32F0 | nrF51/52 | Cypress PSOC1/4/5


    C/C++ | Python | Java | Server Frontend (HTML, CSS, JS) | Server Backend (PHP, Ruby, Node) | Labview


    | Altium Certification | Labview Associate Developer | 3 Patents | Various Certificates from edX, Udemy, and Udacity | Teach Arduino Begineer Courses


  • Portfolio Item

    Medical Bluetooth Devices

    Met 60601 Standard and came up with complete messaging architecture
  • Portfolio Item

    Zigbee Marine Device

    Multiple types of devices that include relay control, sensors, and power sensing
  • Portfolio Item

    WiFi Beer Dispenser

    Cloud based websocket system that allows for users to dispense drinks to friends in real time
  • Portfolio Item

    Raspberry Pi Vision System

    Vision system to direct conveyor and move product in methodic fashion
  • Portfolio Item

    Stranger Things Lights

    Based on the show, a Raspberry Pi solution that allows users to send messages to the LED sign over the web
  • Portfolio Item

    Raspberry Pi DAQ

    Pi based DAQ for current and temperature measurements
  • Portfolio Item

    Remote Medical Device with Bluetooth Control

    Medical device to help patients with Cystic Fibrosis
  • Portfolio Item

    Bluetooth Alert System

    Audible triggered alarm with Bluetooth notifications to your phone
  • Portfolio Item

    Zigbee to Lutron interface

    Interface board to convert serial devices to Lutron network
  • Portfolio Item

    Motor Mixing System for Chemicals

    Motor and display driver for chemical mixer
  • Portfolio Item

    Raspberry Pi to Zigbee Interface

    Raspberry Pi to Zigbee interface board
  • Portfolio Item

    Custom RF development kit

    Custom development kit for Bluetooth chip solutions
  • Portfolio Item

    Raspeberry Pi FM Modulator

    Raspberry Pi FM multi channel modulator
  • Portfolio Item

    Salt Spreader controller

    High power control board to control salt spreader
  • Portfolio Item

    Custom USB development kit

    Custom development kit for various USB chips with various capabilities


Hi there. My name is Greg and I am an electrical engineer by trade. I have a Bachelors degree from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan and a Masters degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan both in electrical engineering. I also earned a Graduate Certificate from Washington Unviersity in Real Time and Embedded Systems.

I have a real passion for electronics and I am a big time tinkerer. I work on my own projects/products but I also like to help where I can and would love to offer my services to you. I provide the full circle product development service from concepts all the way to production. I have launched over 20 production products through work and helping other clients. I have some equipment that includes a 3D printer, reflow oven, and lab equipment to program and debug most hardware.

I am available for direct consulting (I have a contract and I am insured) or you can contract me through Upwork (see link below under sucess rating)


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Location: Grand Blanc, MI


Phone: +1 810 625 9593

Email: greg@gregtronics.com